Review: Mutiara Timur Malam Express Train Executive Class Surabaya to Banyuwangi

This is the second journey I took by train for completing Jakarta to Bali overland. On Surabaya to Banyuwangi segment, I bought the ticket for only IDR 65,000 one way while the normal price of the ticket can be up to IDR 200,000 one way. So I think is is a very good deal.

Mutiara Timur Malam 89
Surabaya (Surabaya Gubeng Station) to Banyuwangi (Banyuwangibaru Station)
Date: 24th October 2017
Depart: 22.00
Arrive: 04.15
Duration: 6 Hours 15 Minutes
Coach: Eksekutif 1
Seat: 6D

While Sembrani is arriving at Surabaya Pasar Turi Station, Mutiara Timur Malam is departing from Surabaya Gubeng Station. So after spending some time in Surabaya with my family and friends, I make my way to Surabaya Gubeng Station. I arrive in the station around 21.30 and swiftly go to the self check-in machine.

The check in process was a breeze, in no time I already waiting for my train at the departure platform. Mutiara Timur Malam is consist of 2 class, executive and business.

I guess I don’t see any pursers on the platform, but I easily find my coach. I settled on coach Eksekutif 1 at seat 6D. My seat is standard window executive class seat.

The seat arranged in 2-2 layout. The cabin is equipped with air conditioning system and television in the front, center, and back of the cabin.

As always on the long-haul night train, a small pillow and a blanket placed nicely on my seat. The seat on this train somehow feels bigger and more comfortable than the seat in Sembrani. The are 2 electric socket at the cabin wall of each seat.

The seat pitch and leg room also very generous, perhaps on par with Sembrani. But the foot rest is far more comfortable because I can set it into the fixed position. Compare to , the foot rest on Mutiara Timur Malam is wider also .

The train departed from Surabaya Gubeng Station around 22.00. Probably because of the very late at night departure, the cabin light dimmed shortly.

I slept really well that night. I woke up shortly before the train ariving in Banyuwangi Baru Station, when most of the passengers are preparing to disembark from the train. Around 04.15 the next day, the train stop at the final destination Banyuwangi Baru Station.

I take a break a little in the station area, before I move to the Ketapang Harbour where I will catch a ferry to Bali.

Bottom line

Considering the price that I paid, I guess this is worth every single Rupiah. Otherwise if I have to pay the full amount of the ticket, I think I will pass and buy a airplane ticket instead.

But anyway, train travel is quite fun and full of experience. Perhaps if I taking a daytime train, the scenery would be better.

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      Tera Prameswara

      I booked the ticket when Kereta Api Indonesia running their first travel fair. I’m not going to the fair since they also sell the ticket with the fair’s price online.

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