Review: Garuda Indonesia Domestic Executive Lounge Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport

After clearing airport formalities, I made my way Garuda Indonesia Domestic Executive Lounge. The lounge is located between Gate 1 and Gate 2, where most of Garuda Indonesia domestic flight departing from Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport. You can’t pay to using the lounge, only can be accessed if you fly in Garuda Indonesia Business Class, member of Garudamiles Platinum, or member of Skyteam Elite Plus.

Upon entering the lounge, I was greeted by a friendly lounge attendant. She checked my boarding pass, made a note of my flight number, and handed me a piece of paper which contains WiFi password for accessing lounge’s free WiFi. I love this gesture because most of the time I found it is rather annoying to request for a WiFi password. I can say, the lounge is ‘very Indonesia’. The decorations of the lounge is very rich with Indonesian ornament, especially the Balinese ornament.

Probably due to Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport served as the 2nd biggest hub forGaruda Indonesia, I found the lounge is quite big which divided into 2 floors. Actually those 2 floor was similar. The extras at the 1st floor are business center and toilet at the 1st floor, meanwhile you can find a reflexology machine at the 2nd floor.

Somehow I found that the 2nd floor was more cozy also less crowded than the 1st floor, so I choose to settle in the 2nd floor.

The lounge provided 2 buffet table, one in the 1st floor and one in the 2nd floor. The food selection was good, consist of Indonesian cuisine and some western cuisine. You can also find a coffee machine,  juice bar, and many selection of soft drink. Unfortunately alcoholic beverage isn’t available on Garuda Indonesia Domestic Executive Lounge.

Buffet at The 1st Floor

Buffet at The 2nd Floor

 I checked the toilet at the 1st floor. The toilet itself was rather cramped, but clean and well maintained. You also can find shower room, which is kinda rare founding at the airport’s domestic lounges in Indonesia.

I spent my time in the lounge for about 1.5 hour and I still had like 1 more hour before boarding time. So I decided to leave the lounge early to check the other lounge at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Bottom line

Probably this lounge is one of the best domestic lounge I ever visited. Both lounge’s hard product and soft product are very good, on par with my expectation. The food selection also very good, perhaps might be better if they providing more western cuisine option. The shower features also worth to check, would  be very useful for a transit passenger and business traveler.

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