Review: Concordia Domestic Lounge Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport

I got a chance to visit Concordia Domestic Lounge during my recent trip to Bali. Concordia is a paid lounge, you can get an access to the lounge by paying about IDR 150,000 / pax. You can also visit the lounge for free if you have some certain credit card issued by Indonesian bank.

The lounge is located near Gate 2, a few steps from Garuda Indonesia Domestic Executive Class Lounge. I got the access for free using my Garuda-BNI credit card. For some reasons, I like the design of lounge’s signage. It is looks charming without being too formal.

The lounge is very basic, you won’t find many facility here. Even if you want to go to toilet, you have to use the public one outside of the lounge. But at least they provide free WiFi, although I’m not sure whether the WiFi was good or not because I’m not using it.

However the lounge itself is quite big,with many seating option for guest thought nothing special. The sofas are very ‘rectangular’, I’m don’t know about you but I don’t feel the sofas comfortable enough for me.

The food selection was very limited with Indonesian food. Some of the foods hasn’t been refilled when I visited the lounge. However the drink selection isn’t so bad, they had juices and an espresso machine. Fortunately I had eaten before at Garuda’s lounge, so I just take an orange juice with me.

I only kill about about a half hour in the lounge, I decided to check another facility in the domestic terminal.

Bottom line

If you are not entitled to access Garuda Indonesia’s lounge, I guess this is the only option for you. Although the lounge was very basic, I guess it isn’t so bad if you want to chill a bit before your flight, but not something that worth for you too come early to the airport.

For the amount that you pay for the lounge access, I think it is not bad. Fortunately they had partnerships with many major credit card in Indonesia, so you may access the lounge for free. You should check with you banks whether your credit card can access the lounge for free or not.

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