Half Price Hotel Booking on Booking.com

The excellent promotion of Booking.com is return! When you spend minimum USD 80 on your hotel booking booked via booking.com, you will get USD 40 cash back after completing your stay

How you can take advantage of this promotion? Well for example the normal price of the 5 star Grand Mercure Jarta Harmoni is USD 80. If you take advantage of the promotion you will get USD 40 cash back after you completing your stay. So you only pay USD 40 (IDR 550,000) for the stay which is a huge saving!

Make sure you book through this link and change your booking currency to USD for your convenience.

The terms state that, “Participants may only receive Incentive Bonuses from a maximum of 3 different campaigns per year, including Refer-a-Friend campaigns”. If you have already used 3 similar Booking.com credit links in the past year, set up a new account or book using you travel companion’s account. Please read carefully the terms and condition before taking taking advantage of the promotion.

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