Garuda Indonesia Brand New Boeing 737 Max 8 Has Come!

At the end of 2017, Garuda Indonesia received their first brand new Boeing 737 Max 8. Well it is a shocking news, because a few months earlier Garuda Indonesia just decided to postpone this order. I’m not sure why they changed their mind and decided to receive a this aircraft earlier. The first Boeing 737 Max 8 was registered as ‘PK-GDA’, here you can find is what the aircraft exterior looks like:

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 Max 8 Exterior

Photo Courtesy: Christ Edwards

I didn’t have many resources of what the interior looks like, not even in Garuda Indonesia official website. However they posted the interior picture a few days ago in Garuda Indonesia official instagram, probably when the aircraft landed in Jakarta for the first time.

Somewhat the new economy class seat looks very… slim and less padded comparing with the economy class seat on their current Boeing 737-800. However the business class seat looks way more luxurious and better than its predecessor.

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 Max 8 Interior

Photo courtesy: Garuda Indonesia

Based on the 3 consecutive days flight history tracked by Flight Radar 24, Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 Max 8 consistently flown daily on Jakarta (CGK) to Surabaya (SUB) vv . Here you can find the schedule:

  • GA306: Jakarta (07.25) to Surabaya (09.05)
  • GA311: Surabaya (10.05) to Jakarta (11.45)
  • GA314: Jakarta (12.50) to Surabaya (14.30)
  • GA319: Surabaya (15.30) to Jakarta (16.45)

Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737 Max 8 Flight History

If indeed you need to travel from Jakarta to Surabaya vv in a few more days, I guess you may consider to experience their new aircraft. Of course the easiest way to secure this flight is by purchase the ticket directly from Garuda Indonesia channel or from your favorite travel agent. Jakarta to Surabaya vv route is one of the most competitive route in the country, served by many airlines ranged from low cost carrier to full service. However you will rarely found good deals in Garuda Indonesia’s premium cabin. Here I show an example fare in economy class and business class, both classes is in the flexible fare family:

Garuda Indonesia Jakarta to Surabaya Fare Sample (Round Trip)

Pay for ticket isn’t good enough for you? Don’t worry, you can simply redeem for an award ticket from Garudamiles to fly on this flight:

  • Economy Class: 8,000 miles (one way)
  • Business Class: 14,000 miles(one way)

Short on Garudamiles? There are a tons of ways to earn Garudamiles in Indonesia. Also Garuda Indonesia is transfer partner of some Indonesia’s major banks, so mining Garudamiles should be an easy task. If you don’t have Garudamiles account yet, you can join for free here.

Garudamiles Award Redemption Rate Jakarta to Surabaya vv (One Way)

What if I tell you that you can redeem a way cheaper miles price for the same flight redemption? You should consider redeeming Garuda Indonesia flight via Etihad Guest! You can enroll for a free membership here.

Etihad Guest using distance based award chart for redemption on Garuda Indonesia. You can see the award chart below for one-way journey on Garuda Indonesia’s metal:

Etihad Guest Redemption Rate Award Chart on Garuda Indonesia

The distance between Jakarta and Surabaya is about 430 miles. So with Etihad Guest, a round-trip journey only cost 10,000 miles in economy class and 14,000 miles in Business Class. The redemption rate of Etihad Guest on Garuda Indonesia is way cheaper than on Garudamiles!

But wait, how to earn Etihad Guest miles? Just simply convert your credit card points or hotels loyalty program points into Etihad Guest miles. Two of the best conversion partner of Etihad Guest is City ThankYou Points and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Starpoints in my opinion.

No points anywhere at all? Then just buy Etihad Guest miles! You can purchase 14,000 Etihad Guest miles and will cost you USD 280. It is still cheaper than purchase for the paid ticket, even comparing with discounted business class fare.

You need to contact Etihad Guest call center to make an awards redemption. Also make sure the availability of your desired flight before you transfer your points or purchase miles.

One more thing that I have to mention is Etihad Guest will charge you anything other than basic air fare for award redemption. Worry not, the additional charge on Jakarta to Surabaya segment will not more than about IDR 300,000 for round trip and IDR  150,000 for one-way. But to be sure, also kindly check the taxes and fees with the call center agent.


So, fancy to experience Garuda Indonesia brand new Boeing 737 Max 8?

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