Purchase FlyingBlue Miles and Get Up To 100% Bonus

Here comes a very good opportunity for you who want to top up FlyingBlue miles. Until 31st January 2019, you can purchase FlyingBlue miles and get up to 100% bonus.

The bonus you will get is depend on your FlyingBlue membership level and the number of miles purchased. All FlyingBlue membership level will get up to 100% bonus, except Ivory (lowest status) which will get bonus up to 75%.

FlyingBlue miles can be purchased in increment of 2,000 miles. The price that you will pay is EUR 55 (about IDR 900K) per 2,000 miles.

In the case your membership level is Ivory,the bonus would be tiered in 3 level:

  • 40% bonus for purchase of 4,000 – 8,000 miles
  • 50% bonus for purchase of 10,000 – 28,000 miles
  • 75% bonus for purchase of 30,000 – 75,000 miles

You will get the maximum value of this promotion if you purchase 30,000+ miles. For example if you buy 30,000 miles for EUR 825 (about IDR 13.7mio), you will get 22,500 bonus miles.

 75% Bonus for Purchase of 30,000 FlyingBlue Miles

The price offered wasn’t bad in my opinion. With a careful planning, the deal will give you a tremendous value.

What makes this deal very interesting is the ability to purchase miles whenever you want (well, at least until January 2019). Moreover for FlyingBlue who doesn’t regularly selling miles, unlike any other airlines frequent flyer program.

Don’t forget to carefully doing math if you decide to taking this deal, so you can be sure whether purchasing miles will be make sense or not for your travel plan.

Thanks: Cariverga

Featured image courtesy: David Flynn on ausbt

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