Soon You Can Fly Direct Between Jakarta and Tokyo With AirAsia

Starting early May 2018, you can flying direct between Jakarta (CGK) and Tokyo (NRT) with AirAsia, roundtrip for as low as IDR 2.4mio. To secure this fare you must book the latest by 11th February 2018, for travel between 1 May – 27 October 2018.

AirAsia will deploy their Airbus 330-300 fleet for this route. This fleet has 2 type of service class: economy class and premium flatbed.

AirAsia Airbus 330-300 Economy Class

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AirAsia Airbus 330-300 Premium Flatbed

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The fare start from IDR 1.1mio one-way in economy class and IDR 3.9mio one-way on premium flatbed. However in this webpage section, I noticed AirAsia stated that this route is under process of approval by the Japanese goverment. So I think it would be wise to wait and see the progress of this process before make a booking 🙂

AirAsia New Route – Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) Promo Fare

AirAsia New Route – Tokyo (NRT) to Jakarta (CGK) Promo Fare

The promo fare availability was quite good in July – August 2018. No wonder, Japan would be in summer season during that periode 🙂

AirAsia Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) Promo Fare Availability

AirAsia Tokyo (NRT) to Jakarta (CGK) Promo Fare Availability

I made dummy booking for both economy class and premium flat bed. The fare that I get was IDR 2.4mio roundtrip in economy class (basic fare) and IDR 8mio roundtrip in premium flatbed (basic fare). Economy class basic fare is very good while premium flatbed basic fare is not really. However premium flatbed basic fare comes with free 40 KG of checked baggage allowance and free seat selection

Jakarta (CGK ) and Tokyo (NRT) cover about 3,620 miles in distance and take about 7 hours. Typically if you fly long-haul with most full-service airlines, you will pampered by 2 times of meal, snack, drinks (some alcoholic selections as well), amenity kit, basic bedding, seat selection (except in some sub-classes), checked baggage allowance up to 20 KG-ish, etc.

Flying in basic economy fare of LCC airlines such as AirAsia is different. Typically you will get nothing except seat, carry-on (cabin) baggage allowance, and arrive at your destination. I don’t know about you, but 7 hours flight with these idea doesn’t make any senses for me.

So how to make your travel more comfortable even if flying with AirAsia? You might be want to consider adding some extras on your flight booking. The price for their extras was also reasonable if you ask me.

Here you can find the price of checked baggage allowance:

  • Up to 20 KG for IDR 340,000 per segment
  • Up to 25 KG for IDR 380,000 per segment
  • Up to 30 KG for IDR 490,000 per segment
  • Up to 40 KG for IDR 720,000 per segment

Also you can put some more (paid) extras when you book the flight such as meals, seat selection, and comfort kit.

AirAsia Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) vv Meal Selections & Price

AirAsia Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) vv Seat Selections & Price

AirAsia Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) vv Inflight Comfort Price


I made a dummy booking with some extras on each segment to approach full-service airlines experience. The total price that I have to pay for this dummy booking is IDR 4.9mio.

AirAsia Jakarta (CGK) to Tokyo (NRT) Roundtrip With Extra Add On

The most expensive extras is my seat selection, which is an emergency ‘hot’ seat priced IDR 590,000 per segment. Well I guess it wasn’t a bad price since most of full-service airlines charge you more for pre selection of emergency seat. This kind of seat give you a huge leg-room, so it will be very convenient for a long haul flight.

AirAsia Airbus 330-300 Emergency ‘Hot’ Seat

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AirAsia Airbus 330-300 Emergency ‘Hot’ Seat

Image Courtesy: Rapid Travel Chai

Bottom line

Right now there are 3 airlines who fly direct between Jakarta (CGK) and Tokyo (HND/NRT): All Nippon Airways (3x daily), Garuda Indonesia (1x daily), and Japan Airlines (2x daily). So in total there already 6x daily direct flight between Jakarta (CGK) and Tokyo (HND/NRT). These 3 are full-service airlines, offers superb service even in economy class. However we rarely see these 3 airlines priced below IDR 6mio roundtrip.

So should you take this deal? If you prefer flying without any connection, this deal might be work really well for you. Even with some extras like in my dummy booking, the price still reasonably cheap. Lets hope Japanese government give will give AirAsia approval for this route, so we can enjoy variation of options to travel on this route.

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