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Even if you flying in economy class or low cost carrier, you can make your travel experience less painful by accessing airport lounges upon boarding the aircraft or during your layover. Many Indonesia major credit card (usually platinum card and above) offer complimentary airport lounge access in major Indonesia airport. My favorite card to get airport lounge access in Indonesia is BNI Garuda Credit Card, because the card offer a wide network of participating lounge all across Indonesia.

What if in the airport outside Indonesia? The easiest way probably by paying some amount of money to access paid lounges. The price to get you this access may vary on each lounge, but often very expensive. To make it cheaper, you better have lounges access membership such as Priority Pass and DragonPass.

Both of membership unfortunately isn’t free, you may need to pay some amount of membership fee annually. However by using some tricks, you can have a DragonPass membership for free.

Singapore Changi Ambassador Transit Lounge Terminal 2

Photo courtesy: Lounge Buddy 

DragonPass is a paid membership that offers all travelers the ability to locate and access 900+ Airport Lounge, enjoy Restaurants discounts privileges, and airport Limousine service and personal Meet & Greet concierge service all within a single membership. DragonPass has 3 options of membership program:

DragonPass Membership Plan

The cheapest one is classic membership. With membership fee of USD 99 (about IDR 1,350,000) per year, this type of membership give you 1 free visit to any participating lounge worldwide and a flat rate of USD 27 (about IDR 365,000) for the next visit. So the membership price itself is USD 72 (about IDR 1,000,000).

Los Angeles SkyTeam Korean Air Lounge

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If you are a holder of ANZ Travel Signature Card, ANZ Black, and ANZ SPB Infinite, you can get the DragonPass classic membership for free. If you don’t have any of these cards, you still able to get a free membership if you have a Regus account.

New York JFK Air France Lounge

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Don’t have Regus account? You can enroll for free here. After you have a Regus account, sign in to your account, click ‘Tools’, then click ‘ Airport Lounges’. You will redirected to DragonPass membership registration window.

Fill all of the information asked by the system, then click ‘Continue with Registration’. After a few minutes you will receive an email with information of your DragonPass account number and password. Use the account number and password to login to your account in DragonPass mobile app. It seems that the membership only works in mobile app, so you can’t login to your account via DragonPass website.

With DragonPass mobile app, you can search for the airport where you might need a lounge. No matter how expensive the publish rate of the lounge , you would only pay USD 27 (about IDR 365,000) for the access with your DragonPass membership.

Featured image photo courtesy: Live and Let’s Fly

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